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Don’t Sell Your Boat. Increase the Performance and Value with a new Repower.

Your boat’s hull is made to withstand the crash of waves and the thrill of swelling seas for decades. However, not all engines have the same lifespan. It’s no wonder that many boat hulls outlive their engines—but that doesn’t mean you have to bid farewell to your entire boat. 

Increase your horsepower, or restore the efficiency your boat once had before your engine started to fade. Search our in-stock engines for a more fuel-efficient engine replacement option. Make the most of your time on the water. When you choose to repower your boat, you get to enjoy your boat, your way.

Give your boat a new lease on life with an engine repower. Bob & Annie’s Boatyard has the right outboard to fit your needs!

  • Suzuki (large inventory on hand!)
  • Yamaha (by order only)

As a certified dealer & fully-insured installer, we deliver high-value results whatever your HP and budget needs are.   Restore and Repower your boat with us.  Contact us at 239-283-3962 for a free Suzuki Repower installed price estimate today!

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40hp and Up Mechanical

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What Is a Boat Repower?

The meaning of a boat repower is all in the name: Giving your boat newer, better power.

When a watercraft starts to lose some of its zest, many boat owners opt for a repower over buying a brand new boat or sinking far too much money into an aging engine. Why? It’s more cost-effective than purchasing another boat and means you can continue to enjoy the boat you already know and love.


When Is a Repower the Right Option?

There are many reasons boat owners opt to repower their boat—so how do you know when it’s the right option for you?

Consider the following factors:

  • The cost of a new engine or outboard versus the cost of a replacement boat
  • Your current and future horsepower needs change
  • Your existing engine’s fuel efficiency drops significantly
  • Your annual repair bills keep increasing

Whatever your boating needs and interests, the Bob & Annie’s sales team will treat you like one of us. With over three generations of experience under a single family of owners, we’ll put our expertise to work, offering sound advice to evaluate your options and land on the right decision for you.  That’s a promise!