Phasor Generators

Heat Exchanged Cooled
Marine Generator Systems

For over three decades, Phasor Marine has specialized
in Heat Exchanged Cooled Marine systems. All engines
are federally certified and run on a Kubota or John Deere
1800 RPM engine.

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What Are Marine Generators?

Marine diesel generators are specially crafted for ships and marine vessels. These generators are built tough to withstand the harsh marine environment and fulfill the unique demands of marine applications.

Providing reliable electrical power for propulsion, lighting, and other systems while at sea, marine diesel generators excel in any conditions – be it saltwater exposure, vibrations, or corrosive salt air.

Compact in design, these generators fit snugly into tight spaces on board ships. They come equipped with extra features like soundproof enclosures, vibration-damping systems, and redundant cooling systems.

To find the perfect marine diesel generator that meets your ship’s requirements and regulations, consult with our marine generator specialists. Trust us to guide you in selecting the best generator set for your specific needs. Empower your journey with reliable and efficient marine power solutions.