Veranda Luxury Pontoons


V ONE SERIES Luxury Pontoon

Taking Flight

The all-new V One takes the renowned Veranda Luxury Pontoons’ patented all-aluminum, all-welded interlocking deck system to new levels of performance, style, and luxury. As soon as a pilot reaches that crucial “V” speed..…excitement and exhilaration begin to TAKE FLIGHT.

VERTEX SERIES Luxury Pontoon

Surround Yourself In Absolute Luxury And Comfort

The top of the tritoon is the Vertex, which is also known as the Apex. The apex… the spot where you reach the pinnacle of tritoon luxury. The vertex… Where excellence in activity finds its ultimate conclusion.

RELAX SERIES Luxury Pontoon

Beautiful Styling And Exceptional Performance

Relax is a name that was chosen to accurately reflect the series of pontoons and tritoons’ purpose. Whether it’s just you on the lake with a few of your closest buddies, or a dozen of your closest friends out for a cruise… relax and enjoy yourself. The 2020 Relax is still the ideal all-around choice for any budget.


A Boat For Any Budget

The Vista View is the only tri-toon on the market that looks, rides, and performs like a high-end luxury craft at a price everyone can afford. You owe it to yourself to invest in the finest water platform available; you are just one key turn away from enjoying a lifetime of pleasure. Picture yourself on a Veranda with a spectacular view from the Vista!

FISH SERIES Luxury Pontoon

Multi-Species Enjoyment

The Veranda Luxury Pontoons Fish Series is the best in class because of its unmatched experience and the patented all-aluminum, all-welded interlocking deck construction. There’s a Veranda to match every budget and taste… a lifetime of pleasure is within reach with our Fish Series. The Veranda Fish Models are the ideal fusion of luxury and fishability and are, hands down, the absolute right choice for the discerning angler. If you could have the best and not break your budget, why not Veranda?