Digital Marine Outboards

Digital engines use a fly-by wire throttle system. 
There are no mechanical cables attached to the throttle body or binnacle.

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What Are Digital Outboards?

Suzuki’s digital outboard marine motors are revolutionizing the boating industry with their advanced technology, offering a more efficient, reliable, and user-friendly experience. Providing an array of benefits over traditional motors, they are much more fuel-efficient, leading to considerable long-term savings. Their quieter operation ensures a more enjoyable boating experience, and with fewer moving parts, these motors require less maintenance and are less prone to repairs. The digital control systems add another layer of convenience by providing valuable information such as fuel economy, range, and speed control.

These digital outboard marine motors are not just notable for their benefits but also their feature-rich design. Standout features include the Lean Burn Control system, which optimizes fuel management to maximize fuel economy, and Suzuki’s High-Pressure Direct Injection system that enhances power and acceleration by delivering fuel more efficiently. An added boon is the self-diagnostic system that alerts you to any issues, further simplifying the user experience.

Suzuki’s range of digital outboard marine motors caters to a wide variety of boating needs, with sizes ranging from 25 horsepower to 350 horsepower and demonstrate the brand’s versatility, capable of powering everything from small boats to large fishing vessels and cruisers. Each motor is designed to deliver optimum performance regardless of the vessel size.

Despite the initial investment, the long-term savings from fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance make it a worthwhile investment. Installation is straightforward when handled by a certified Suzuki dealer, ensuring proper operation. The digital control system simplifies maintenance by providing service alerts; Suzuki recommends servicing the motor at least once per year or after every 100 hours of use.

For those in the market for a new boat and motor, Suzuki’s digital outboard marine motors are an excellent choice, offering efficient, reliable, and user-friendly operation with the latest technology.