Small Marine Outboards

Explore the Suzuki 2.5hp-30hp portable outboard engine line-up

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What Is a Small Outboard?

Small marine outboard motors are built as a self-contained unit with an engine, it includes both a gearbox and propeller. It is mounted on the stern, or back end, of a boat, providing direct thrust into the water and thereby moving the boat forward. They’re known for their portability and versatile uses, making them essential for small watercraft.

The engine in an outboard motor is typically a two-stroke or four-stroke internal combustion engine, although electric motors have also become increasingly popular. They’re small in size, but highly efficient, making them ideal for powering a wide range of vessels from fishing boats to inflatable crafts.

A key component of the outboard motor is the propeller, which displaces water to create motion. The propeller’s size, shape, and pitch all influence the boat’s performance. It’s designed to provide optimal efficiency at the motor’s full throttle, allowing for a blend of speed and power.

Notably, outboard motors are designed for easy control. The driver uses a tiller or a remote control connected to the motor via a mechanical or hydraulic linkage. This allows for steering and speed control, letting the driver navigate waters effectively. The ease of installation, operation, and maintenance make small marine outboard motors a preferred choice for boat owners.