Standard Marine Outboards

Standard engines are mechanical throttles with cables

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What Is a Standard Outboard?

Suzuki’s outboard engines are specifically designed for marine use, manufactured by the renowned Japanese company, Suzuki. These engines are attached externally to the stern of the watercraft, hence the term ‘outboard’. They serve a dual purpose, providing both propulsion and steering control for boats of various sizes and types. Renowned for their reliability and durability, Suzuki outboard engines have become synonymous with high-quality marine technology.

Suzuki’s outboard engines are equipped with advanced features to enhance their performance, efficiency, and ease of use. They are often powered by four-stroke engines, which are more fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly compared to the older two-stroke models. The company has also pioneered technologies such as Lean Burn Control System and Variable Valve Timing, both aiming to optimize fuel consumption and enhance engine performance.

Suzuki outboard engines come in a wide range of horsepower ratings, from 2.5HP for small dinghies and tenders, to 350HP for larger pleasure craft and commercial vessels. This wide range ensures that there is a Suzuki outboard engine suitable for virtually any type of watercraft. Regardless of their power, these engines are designed with a focus on quiet operation, minimal vibration, and smooth acceleration.

In terms of maintenance and support, Suzuki outboard engines are backed by a comprehensive network of service centers and dealers. This, coupled with the company’s commitment to robust design and stringent quality control, ensures that Suzuki outboards offer years of reliable service, helping to establish the brand as a leading choice in the marine industry.